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How jewelry is made

Diamonds International Corporation – D.I.C. is a producer of original diamond jewelry. The production of fancy jewelry including the development of new models take place in its own workshops where experienced goldsmiths work.

Claim policy

1. The jewelry of D.I.C. a.s. is produced using the most modern methods of production, individually tested and undergo strict quality control. They are marked with the hallmark of the Assay Office under Czech law č.539/92 Coll. On hallmarking and precious metal testing. All jewelry purchased from the company Diamonds International Corporation has a 24 months guarantee on defects in materials. Violent or other mechanical damage caused by improper use of the product (eg use of chemicals, crushed by stepping, scratches, etc.) will not be approved as a material defect.

1) What is the difference between a carat of gold and carat of precious stones?

Simple advice on how to keep your diamonds perfect for ever.

You may have fulfilled one of our dreams with diamond jewelry but it is clear that you want them to be as shining and beautiful as on the day you received them. We have prepared some simple advice how to care for you diamond jewelry.

Select jewelry that she will like without her knowing. Here is some advice how to select the best diamond jewelry from the big variety for your partner.

Being surprised by a diamond gift is an unforgettable experience.

With a careful planning you cannot make a mistake. To find out her size of a ring is not a complication as it seems to be at the beginning. Here is some inspiration how to do it without asking your partner. Be aware that each finger has a different size.

Hints on making every diamond gift an experience “for the first time”.

The most popular designs of diamond jewelry from classical to modern.

Since the beginning of time people with means of investment have been considering how to diversify wealth most optimally to achieve maximum yield and minimum effort. At the same time they were troubled how to secure such means to guard against all political, economic and natural influences. The economic science of today clearly defines the concepts of yield, risk and liquidity, which characterizes each investment.

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