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The white colour around us is actually composed of a whole scale of colours from red to violet.

The number of reflections, when moving a cut stone or the source of light, is called sparkling brilliance. The number of light reflections depends on the number of facets and on their proper size.

According to transparency we distinguish diamonds from absolutely clear to completely opaque.

Dispersion is an optical property expressing the dependence of the refractive index on the wave length (thus on the colour) of entering light.

Diamonds possess 6 times higher thermal conductivity than copper. This property is used for both testing diamonds and their application in nanotechnologies.

The refractive index in diamonds reaches a specific value of 2,417 and lends the diamond its unique optical phenomena, which also serves for determining its authenticity. -

Diamonds have a specific mass of 3,51g/cm3.

This property of diamonds was first utilized in the 60s of the 20th century for grading of diamonds.

The word diamond is derived from the ancient Greek ada-mas - invincible.

The clarity is given by the number of foreign substances included in the diamond.

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