Đầu Tư Kim Cương

Đầu Tư Kim Cương

Sunflower. Name of beautiful flowers, which in our minds evokes warm, radiant sun and tenderness. Borrowed by a non-profit organization that provides the meaning of life, help and facilities for people with intellectual disabilities.

Further confirmation great price beautiful jewelry DIC. The original Czech jewelry, dating from top designers and our own workshops DIC, in Russia are about 20-30 percent cheaper than the local supply. While quality is at least comparable, rather higher.

Economic tensions in the euro area is growing. Spain for the first time admitted that they might need international financial assistance is particularly acute problems in the banking sector. Where it will lead?

The company Diamonds International Corporation in the global expansion considering the global form of presentation of the company and its products through its own television channel. The condition is its adoption around the world.

Actions to Darovanský yard had a very pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

Keeping already purchased diamonds . And if you still do not have diamond portfolio as soon as you place it! That is the clear guidance of experts DIC with regard to the latest news coming from China.

The event was started at 19 pm, when they started to all areas of the upper floor of the building art flow crowds lovers of good wine.

Hostivař golf complex in collaboration with Andrea Horak, DIS, and Ing. Hana Boxanová of DIC prepare for this year's golf season a real treat - three of golf tournaments were "diamond".

In the world, the number of dollar millionaires, the highest ever in history. For the first time, however, the imaginary line took Asia, where the Diamonds International Corporation offices in China, Vietnam and Hong Kong.

The whole three-hour program Big summer show was accompanied by Vitek Goršanov, sang Yvetta Blanarovičová, then the band has performed acoustic, Margaret Poulíčková (Voice Czechoslovakia) RockStars with the band, dancers Latifah ...

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