Đầu Tư Kim Cương

Đầu Tư Kim Cương

Miroslav Sevcik, a renowned economist of the Liberal Institute, spoke at Friday's breakfast show with new and warned viewers before buying gold. In contrast, the diamonds had no reservations.

On 22 September 2011 in beautiful Albatross Golf Resort golf tournament was held for VIP partners Čedok. Of course there could not miss DIC and diamond for one lucky guy.

The event was held at Zbraslav square of 3 September 2011 9 to 17 hours. Luxury, beauty, pomp, uniqueness, beauty, um, skill, glitter gloss, originality, remembrance and commemoration of time and fame .... Indeed, it was worth watching.

The first edition of Rainbow Revolution, actions to promote and celebrate the gay minority, was a success. Saturday, the 24th September 2011 golfYacht offered in Prague on Rohan Island Conference with the theme of minority rights, which subsequently established a rich evening and night program moderated by Jan Musil.

Golf Tournament Golf for the sun began co-owner of the premises and the Sun Foundation Director Mrs. Dvorak in 13 hours. From 16.30 to meet tournament participants and other invited guests on the outdoor covered patio for refreshments.

In Saturday, September 4, 2011 was a beautiful late summer day and our team had the opportunity to spend it in beautiful, positive atmosphere and above all, with friendly people. It was the final of the 14th annual international tournament organized by family teams CZECH creative, Ltd..

Gala evening - opening of an exhibition of photographic images with the theme "Venice view Jadrana Šetlík" was held on 30 8th , 2011. Guests have been invited to about 70, began to arrive from 18.30 am to Adria Palace on National Avenue in Prague.

The largest exhibition of diamonds in the history of the Czech Republic sparked huge interest among the public.

In the period 10.-12.11. 2011, the jubilee 15.ročník Gastrofest, one of the biggest festivals of flavors and fragrances from around the world and all that is related to gastronomy, in the Czech Republic.

In Prague, in the showroom of Diamonds International Corporation in Broad Street No. 15, is from Friday, November 11, 2011 open to the public exhibition of the largest diamonds in the history of Czech Republic.

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