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On the fall of the price of gold earn diamonds

When at the end of 2011 by some sources indicate that the gold price is exorbitant and therefore not sustainable even in the medium term, these views taken lightly.

The economic crisis did the yellow metal wishes and optimism is so totally spot. It did not take long and the weather began, and it drastically, fulfill. Faith in gold was so fundamentally shaken.

The first fall brought in last year's January, when the price troy ounces (0,031 kg) compared to November 2011 lost almost $ 200. The decline in prices was, however, considered only a "weak moment" of the market, because over the next quarter proved yellow metal losing again to delete. But not for long. With the start of spring came the second "weak moment", but that lasted for almost half a year. Poprázdninové trading gold helped for a while, and since October 2012 it was therefore possible to monitor fall to the point under $ 1,400 per troy ounce.

The slump that gold has seen, felt especially small investors who were lured to purchase media massages the turn for 2010 - 2011. The yellow metal was at that time, already on top of their options, so purchases were made at prices exceeding $ 1,900 per troy ounce. In the language of numbers, this means that those who invested in gold in September 2011, lost - at an average rate of 19.50 CZK per U.S. dollar - per ounce more than 10.000 CZK! Taking into account that most were bought bricks and ingots weighing 1 pound, it is a hundred thousand casualties. Moreover, most likely to fall over. Evidenced in particular by the behavior of speculators, who - like during its growth - are betting on a further decline in prices.

And they have my reasons. Gold had started to pass the largest investment funds that have it as the main subject of interest. For example, the SPDR Gold Trust, the world's largest fund focused on gold, currently holds less than 1,200 tons, the lowest in the last two years.

Other wrinkles on the forehead causing investors especially the planned sale of gold reserves indebted Cyprus. The island state is becoming a sad hero last week. First part of history in an unprecedented tax deposits of banks in Cyprus and now - though not directly - sending more boxes. In addition, a large amount of yellow metal holds and other central banks of countries of southern Europe. What will happen if they too join the sale is not hard to guess.

If we add to all this forecast analysts at Goldman Sachs, which predicts this year's high of $ 1,450 per troy ounce in 2014 and another fall to the point of around $ 1,270, gold luster for many years to disappear.

In connection with the situation in the markets came under pressure and mining companies. The fall of prices of course they will significantly reduce profits. In the event that will continue to drop and fill the above predictions for the coming year, these companies its financial results easily get into negative numbers as well as the cost per ounce today are around $ 1,200. Everything will of course be reflected in the value of these companies. Their sale is therefore more than likely.

Much better made investors "golden" succumb to pressure and focused on diamonds . After last year's stagnation this year is beginning to grow again at least five percent. Optimistic In addition, the medium-term outlook, which reflects the increasing of demand over the rocks. Moreover, the interest of enjoying the smaller stones, and even though the recommended amount for purchase starting on the border of 250,000 crowns, small stones and investor demand for half the price, which is about one hundred thousand. It is primarily due to the ability to hold the value of diamonds and also secure the future.

"Most of these investors it wants to sell in the near future, but want to have safely saved money for themselves, and still more for their children," says MD. Lubos Riha, CEO of DIC, and adds: "Of course it is also a wide range of clients who invest larger sums of order with regard to the proper diversification of its assets."

In short, the coming year will be in the diamond shine.

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