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Diamond auctioned for a record 25,884,500 CHF!

Prague, 15 May 2013 - DIC, a leader in Central Europe in the sale of investment diamonds, highlights the unique auction, which is now in 19 hours started in the auction house Christie'sv Geneva.

Dražil a unique transparent diamond cut in the shape of pears weighing a whopping 101.73 carats. The resulting price climbed converted to 538,475,254 crowns. It is the largest diamond ever sale. The advantages are, inter alia, its color and incredible purity, which is placed over all tables.

Unique diamond was found in Botswana, where are the most beautiful diamonds in the world. Weight rough diamond material has been incredible 236 carats. After 21 months was cut in January 2013 in the U.S. laboratory certified GIA. The most valuable diamonds are cut into the round cut diamond, but the yield is around 30 percent. Cut pears, which occurs in just auctioned a diamond, helped 45 percent yield of diamond raw materials. "Diamonds watch carefully for more than 25 years. Historically the most expensive diamond in 2010 was auctioned in the auction house for 24 million. The same diamond was then a year later sold for a whopping $ 80 million. The value today auctioned the diamond unique pear-shaped, I estimated the amount even higher "said Miloslav Black, CEO of DIC China.

The global economic crisis is changing our view of money and real value. In an effort to diversify risk are diamonds unique investment opportunity to evaluate the surplus funds. Normal in 10 carats of diamonds over the past century value to the steadily between 10 to 18 percent annually. There is no better time for investment in diamonds. Bank accounts do not earn interest or inflation plus, as we all recently persuaded not be money in the accounts at all safe. "A diamond is among the many safest investment commodities, brings a stable income and over time its value considering the limited deposits continue to grow. The Czech Republic is most interested in diamonds worth 300 to 500 000 crowns. The small stone is so stored wealth. Due to its size it can be easily moved and are characterized by rapid liquidity. Around the world, for it will get a similar amount and is almost indestructible. Even common household fires will not hurt him. And above all, diamonds are beautiful, "says MD. Lubos Riha, president holding DIC

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