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DIC diamonds sold last year for more than 10,000 carats!

Prague, 23 May 2013 - Diamonds International Corporation, a leader in Central Europe in the sale of investment diamonds, earned in 2012 for investment diamonds and diamond jewelry more than 1 billion crowns.

DIC was founded 8 years ago and throughout its existence recorded annual growth in the order of 10-30 percent. The company operates not only in Central and Eastern Europe, but found its fans in Russia, China and Vietnam.

Diamonds are primarily long-term investment, and the corresponding evaluation. Currently prices are stagnating stones, but is expected to rebound in prices in the second half of 2013. A harbinger of the prices of small jewelery diamonds, especially 0,3 ct, which is currently growing rapidly worldwide and are collectively demanded. For example, the price of 0.3 ct/G/VS1 1 First 2013 has increased by 9 percent in the case of poorer color 0.3 ct/M/VS1 increased rates of 8 percent.

"This is the perfect time to buy an investment diamond, since customers have the option to buy at the very moment when the diamond cheaper and benefit from the resurgence in prices, "says MD. Lubos Riha, president holding DIC

Investment diamonds from the perspective of a Czech customer

Graph: The greatest interest of customers (89 percent) of investment blocks in size from 1.00 to 1.99 ct. The most popular are currently stones of the highest quality, which is an interesting shift from the previous period, the trend was rather choose larger stones worse color and clarity. It is felt that the general public a diamond as an investment tool and grows fond of her awareness. (Source: DIC, 5/2013)

Diamond is among the many safest investment commodities, brings a stable income and over time its value with respect to restricted sites continue to grow. The Czech Republic is most interested in diamonds worth 300 to 500 000 crowns. Investing in diamonds of 1 ct for the past three years appreciated by 18.5% in 5 years was 25.2% and for 10 years by 39, 8%. An even greater long-term growth of investment diamonds 5 carats and more, that in the last three years have increased in value by 11.5% after 5 years of 19.2% and for 10 years by 116.2%. The small stone is so stored wealth. Due to its size it can be easily moved and are characterized by rapid liquidity. Around the world, for it will get a similar amount and is almost indestructible.


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