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Investments in crisis? Diamant - safety for the patient.

Prague, 28 May 2013 - Diamonds International Corporation, a leader in Central Europe in the sale of investment diamonds, highlights the lasting value to which it is possible even in times of economic instability invest with confidence.

The economic crisis examines the health of economies around the world. As we have recently witnessed the situation in Cyprus, money sewn into the mattress may be a certain degree of confidence. What investment commodities, despite the bad economy hold for over a century in the limelight?

Diamonds recorded continuous annual growth rates. The only two variations for the last century, in the period 1978 - 1981 and at the turn of 2008/2009, when there was a sharp appreciation of the U.S. dollar. Price diamond holds real value even in times when there is a substantial strengthening or weakening USD.

The development of prices of 1 carat diamond investment in USD (Source: DIC, 1/2013)

Diamonds are primarily long-term investment. After last year's stagnation in the 2nd half of 2013 waiting to grow again starting at least 5%. The precursor to the development of the prices of small jewelery diamonds, especially 0,3 ct, which is currently growing rapidly worldwide and are collectively demanded. Eg. 0.3 ct/G/VS1 price of 1 First 2013 has increased by 9%, with poorer color 0.3 ct/M/VS1 increased prices by 8%.

"Optimistic In addition, the medium-term outlook, which reflects the increasing demand for stones. Moreover, the interest of enjoying the smaller stones, and even though the recommended amount for purchase starting on the border of 250,000 crowns, small stones and investor demand for half the price, which is about 100,000. It is primarily due to the ability to hold the value of diamonds and also secure for the future, "says MD. Lubos Riha, president holding DIC

The development evaluate diamonds 2003 - 2012 (Source: DIC, 5/2013)

The Czech Republic is most interested in diamonds worth 300 thousand to one million crowns. Investing in diamonds 1 ct for the past three years appreciated by 18.5% in 5 years was 25.2% and for 10 years by 39.8 %. An even greater long-term growth of investment diamonds 5 carats and more, that in the last three years on the average value of 11.5% after 5 years of 19.2% and for 10 years by 116.2%. The stones of the highest quality and purity of color parameters, the increase in value even higher.

Diamond is among the many safest investment commodities, brings a stable income and over time its value with respect to restricted sites continue to grow.


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