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The management company DIC submitted luxury and unique watch with diamonds Davis Cup winner in 2012 Tomas Berdych. After Radek Stepanek and took the gift of a second architect of tennis battle and victory over Spain.


MD. Lubos Riha, chairman and owner of a lady holding DIC Miloslav Black, CEO of DIC China, gave limited series watch, which contains only 32 pieces of unique watches. Exactly such a time is elapsed from the time when Czech tennis players cup champions won for the second time in history.

Representatives of DIC and like to take a short visit to Tomas Berdych in Prague. Czech tennis number one visited the showroom immediately after his return from the French Open Grand Slam tournament in Paris. Eliminated in the first round by Frenchman Gael Monfils, while Thomas too happy about, but as stated by his girlfriend Ester Šantorová, everything bad is good for something, at least they could both see a brief press conference, which was hosted by sports car Václav Tittelbach.

At the same time both guests came from Mrs. Black, as a gift from the management of DIC DIC range of perfumes and fragrances were both very satisfied. After the press conference, the two would remain in informal conversation and actions are extremely disconcerted.

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