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DIC handbags, Czech luxury that is not lost in Paris!

Prague, 17 June 2013 - Diamonds International Corporation, a leader in Central Europe in the sale of investment diamonds, further expands its portfolio.

After the unique collection of watches and exclusive range of perfumes in a unique flasks, presents a range of quality handbags and suitcases. The new collection was created almost a year, and priority was top quality, precise workmanship with attention to detail and the combination is each room, in which lies the charm of luxury. The new collection is intended for both leisure and business. A new collection of DIC Storage can compete with the world's most prestigious brands, which are presented in Prague Paris.

Bags and suitcases from the finest Italian leather and quilted founded edges, a celebration of traditional crafts. "We wanted to model a mostly conservative evergreens, but unusual shapes and the best materials. However, they always want something special. Never does so, we were one of many. Who wants to be 47 swan in Swan Lake? We have such private password. We say that the results we get German precision, Italian freshness and lightness, English and Czech conservatism craft knack. At the end of the then beautiful, clean lines and precise attention to detail, to which the eye always rests with affection, "says Petr Dohnal, author of the collection along with his wife.

Production of handbags is a test of teamwork. The finest leather from Italy. Zippers are polished, technically perfect, are produced by the Japanese company, but taháčky metal zippers are made in the Czech Republic. Stainless steel, hand polished to a mirror finish, especially for DIC Most metal parts, either from Italy or the Czech Republic, is coated with precious palladium, thus one of the platinum metals. Linings are woven to order in a combination of viscose and polyester to achieve two bright colors in the fabric, in the Czech company. Few people know that this company manufactures throughout Europe rare sacred vestments.

Safe suitcases DIC author of the idea SPLENDOR safe boot, which adds to the safety of luggage is MD. Lubos Riha. Authors collection theme further developed and implemented to production. Inside double security is unique. Cases are inside lined nubuck, solid finely sanded skin, which is used for example to climbing shoes. Cases are reinforced with bent wood for beehives to increase safety, no paper. Another exclusivity are patented proprietary code locks, which are also produced for Arab sheikhs in small batches, and rightly boasts the highest quality. All these elements contribute to maximum security. Cases are designed for men, but even lighter version for the ladies.

"We believe that customers are able to appreciate the high quality that their new collection of handbags and luggage bring. We bet on Czech tradition of craftsmanship and quality materials, "he said at the official presentation of the collection, MD. Lubos Riha, president of the DIC Group

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