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Century growth. Diamond is a certainty for the patient!

Diamonds International Corporation, a leader in Central Europe in the sale of investment diamonds, highlights the long-term stability of diamond investment.


The International Monetary Fund repeatedly adjusts its overly optimistic forecasts of the economy. The deterioration in economic development reports in most major countries except Japan and Great Britain. Eurozone to recover from the recession this year, waiting for her downturn in the economy, which is as fast as last year, ie 0.6 percent of GDP. Better off not even countries like Germany, Italy or France.

Current developments in the Czech political scene, the economy does not help. "Political situation slows down the steps that the government prepared to support the economy. Many people have spent their existing savings and begin saving intensively. Those who still have some savings, wondering how to invest to avoid their devaluation. "explains Dr.. Lubos Riha, president holding DIC

Where to look for certainty in uncertain times? Reports about the word diamond , which recorded continuous annual growth rates. The only two variations for the last century, in the period 1978 - 1981 and at the turn of 2008/2009, when there was a sharp appreciation of the U.S. dollar. Price diamond holds real value even in times when there is a substantial strengthening or weakening USD.

The development of prices of 1 carat diamond investment in USD (Source: DIC, 1/2013)

Diamonds are primarily long-term investment. After last year's stagnation in the 2nd half of 2013 waiting to grow again starting at least 5%. The precursor to the development of the prices of small jewelery diamonds, especially 0,3 ct, which is currently growing rapidly worldwide and are collectively demanded. Eg. 0.3 ct/G/VS1 price of 1 First 2013 has increased by 9%, with poorer color 0.3 ct/M/VS1 increased prices by 8%.

"He comes to us by customers who have financial savings in the order of several million, they want to make profitable investments. What is important is for them to guarantee investment. Do not expect an immediate return, but want to insure for retirement. They store their savings aside today so that they can for 10, 20 or 30 years of use. Just for those interested, diamond optimal choice. She keeps its value over time, and unlike gold or other precious metals has been passed in several economic crises, "says MD. Lubos Riha.

Diamond is among the many safest investment commodities, brings a stable income and over time its value with respect to restricted sites continue to grow. Unlike other alternative investments, there is no deep knowledge of the issue. All essential procure a certificate jejž exhibits internationally recognized gemological laboratory. The certificate must include details about 4C - color, weight, purity, type and quality of cut. The recommended amount for purchase starting on the border of 250,000 crowns, small stones and investor demand for half the price, which is about 100,000. It is primarily due to the ability to hold the value of diamonds and also secure the future.


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