Mục chínhTin tứcDiamond WorldMISTER & MISS DEAF WORLD & EUROPE 2013

On the occasion of the thirteenth annual World MISS DEAF WORLD, fourth grade MISS DEAF EUROPE and the first year MISTER DEAF WORLD & EUROPE,

attended by 41 girls and 17 boys from around the world, the representatives of the company DIC winner, which turned twenty-five Thais Payová from Brazil , a diamond ring from Antwerp collection, in memory of this festive evening. We were honored to participate in such a great event and noble thoughts.

The whole event was very professionally moderated distinctive experienced pair Lenka Vacvalová and Petr Vojnar with interpreters in sign language. One of the jewelry that was a presenter at the event were unique collection of jewelry blanks Matragi Octopus. This included a necklace, earrings and ring, glowing pink tourmalines, sapphires and small diamonds . Blanka Matragi created jewelry designs and strict eye oversaw the implementation itself. Precious stones are selected in different parts of the world to exactly match their expectations. The process from design to implementation took about a year and a half. Moderator were borrowed watch with diamonds ... Watch whose production tennis player Radek Stepanek personally initiated, they have a close connection with last year's victory Czech Republic in the Davis Cup. Limited edition of 32 pieces - a number of years elapsed since the first success is characterized by the symbol of the cup and engraved signature player on the diamond studded dial. On the back casing is then marked the 100th year of the competition.

At the ceremony announcing the winners MISS & MISTER WORLD DEAF & EUROPE 2013 were lent presenter of unique diamond jewelry collection Olympic in the form of a necklace and a ring. The necklace is made of 18 kt white gold weighing 74.82 g planted a total of 989 diamonds . Total diamond weight is 18,440 ct. All the guests were able to see the jewelery worth several million.

The location of the two parties to the decisions of the jury, and the main international. The main jury, such as Miroslav Etzler, Petra Černocká, Michael Okhotsk, Ivan jumped up, Kamila Nývltová and Ljuba Skořepová.

The competition is almost identical to the classic competition - includes a fashion show in evening dress, swimsuit promenade or loose discipline, which prevailed dance. Others include audience reaction, which manifests applause fluttering arms raised.

President of DIC as dr. Lubos Riha, who could not transfer because of their absence to attend on this occasion said: "People with hearing disabilities deserve the admiration of all of us, need to show the general public hearing over the world, that we are all equal. Contact our two worlds. On the final evening we succeeded. Huge respect to that it could despite his handicap. We support all those who, despite the handicap live to the fullest. "

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