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President of the Association of Art cutlers Czech Republic Lubomir Maďarič:


"Many thanks for DIC and support the unique project Diamond Investment knife that combines beauty and value of the diamond with unique arts and cutlers and Mr. Ing. Jaroslav farmers. On the market enters a phenomenon present a particularly good investment, but also a work of art and the emotional element that comes from our ancestors, where the knife was perceived as a weapon, tool and badge status.


XI. International exhibition of knives Brno 2011 exhibition and Slovak Association of Art cutlers SAN Bratislava in 2011 significantly shifted trend artistic cutlery in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic to the international standard. In classic cutlery superpower like the USA, France, Italy, Germany and the Nordic countries are seen works by masters such as cutlery art-investment commodity. In our countries we are still bound to the craftsmanship rather the understanding of this field. The company Diamonds International Corporation - DIC as already gives green project year limited series of diamond blades. On these two international exhibitions introduced this concept cutlery general public and met with extraordinary interest. High investment potential impact on three elements:


1) certified diamond embedded in the blade,

2) The world-famous brand Maďarič published in international cutlery catalogs

3) The most important parameter is the limited edition seven to twenty pieces of knives under the auspices of a major international trader in diamonds and DIC


The interest in this commodity has surpassed all expectations. Were presented collection of investment diamond blades Ami, Boy, President CZ, SK President, Tanto and other upcoming knives. Hit this year are a series of blades mounted investment investment diamonds of 1 ct.

And what about the exhibits? As it is customary to bring you the best show real gems. Deserved attention waking knife master Stephen Filáková of Alberta, who also won one of the prestigious awards show in Brno.

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