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On 1.8 2012 Municipal Meeting in Pilsen turned into a refuge football club FC Viktoria Plzeň.

On this occasion also celebrated the 100 since the founding of the club and the atmosphere was incredible. The company DIC donated as first prize for "Victorian Century" and coach century, diamond pen. And who was the donees?

During the evening, but conferring multiple awards and most importantly i remembered. During the first half was the awards gala Eleven century Victoria. Both presenters excelled in it, witty commentator, actor Ondřej decrepit, with microphone in hand, ready captain Pavel Horváth. Both are excellent complements making fun of each other and were able to take her and each other. Meeting with a very good time and at times shook with laughter.


For Paul Horvath, who was elected Victorian century, yet it was not an easy task. Entertain the whole hour cluttered room is no fun at all. Captain Victoria, however, in addition to professional Vetchý difficult task acquitted on one. "Funny, it was not even a little bit, but Andy helped me a lot, it's a pro. A little bit about me in the komediantske soul, "said the Pilsner diary.


The fact that the program spolumoderovat, learned four days before. "Time to prepare a special scenario was, we were just with Ondra called twice. For the preparation we actually had only three quarters of an hour before the start of the evening and it's probably been harder. But I believe that it was boring and people were talking about, "smiled Pavel Horváth. Maybe Czech show business received a new moderator star. Century coach Pavel Vrba was elected.

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