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Opening Ceremony ball was at 19.00 in the beautifully decorated Hall Golf Resort Celadnà.

Moderator actions were Žídková Monika and Peter Erben. After the initial words of CEO Mr. George resort Novosad moderator introduced the Diamonds International Corporation - DIC, as and called to each other on stage Mgr. Peter Husak.

She joined the company presentation and also invited guests to caution you that one of them waited at the bottom of a glass diamond . responded to this warning visitors with enthusiasm. Finally, invited all the guests to stand DIC Due to the excellent location of the booth we were literally surrounded by visitors ball, so we could not even holiday fashion show, which took place in the adjoining room. To taste local specialties we at least find a quick time.

golf_celadna_dic02 golf_celadna_dic03

Before midnight invited presenter on stage again Peter Husak, who with the help of Ivona Nahodilová drew the second winner of the diamond.

And then just shoot the š'tastnými winners diamonds and a long way home.

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