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Prices of diamond wedding season and increased interest in Japan

Price diamonds last year has risen by an average of 16 percent (depending on the stone) and this year the issue of evaluation of the expected record. It's the only getting worse results dwindling diamond mining commodities, but also a growing demand in Asian countries.


Diamond fever is spreading all over Asia. The most populous country on the continent and the world, China and India are estimated to gobble up this year to 40 percent of traded diamonds, not lagging behind Japan, which is somewhat awake from lethargy last year. In February 2012, went up the total value of traded diamonds in Japan by 40 percent and approached the limit of 1.5 billion. For Japan, are the main source of diamond supply close to India, but the Japanese are so hungry for diamonds that are traded on virtually all major global markets in a big way. For example, in Antwerp, Belgium bought Japanese only Japanese in February diamonds for CZK 200 million, representing an increase of 23 percent.


And why so much buying? It is not only a global trend. Japanese fans traditions, began increasingly to bet on diamond jewelery with a view of the wedding season. This was generally true everywhere. Couples often it is not only normal diamond jewelery from the menu, but they want originality, and if it means they have also an investment perspective. Therefore, let put the gold ring right investment diamond . Nothing could be more symbolic of love. Love that appreciates over time.

Diamond jewelry used in engagement with the American actress Angelina Jolie recently her fellow actor Brad Pitt. A couple already has a time - raising six children together and still not married.

Dominika_Synkova_nevesta Dominika_Synkova_nevesta_2

Diamonds International Corporation, the only member of the oldest diamond exchange in Antwerp Beurs Voor Diamanthandel from Central and Eastern Europe, prepared for this year's wedding season, most amazing collection of diamond jewelry in a wide price range. All come from our own jewelery workshop and heads of renowned designers. For example, DIC has long worked Blanka Matragi.


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