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On 20 April 2012 he became Parkhotel Plzeň place where beauty uniting the brilliance of the diamond. DIC has become one of the main partners of choice most beautiful girls in the city of Pilsen in 2012.


Not only for the winners were prepared by a price designed by DIC as a prezentnaci our company graced the crown that was made for Miss Universe Slovakia, with that, even after the announcement of the winner perpetuated. 12 finalists battled fiercely for the title in the classic disciplines, such as an interview, a promenade in lingerie and fashion show. The whole evening was hosted rate Hejda, who jokingly commented entire process. Their singing livened up the evening Marek Lost and Vaclav Neckar, who won huge acclaim. The jury was not busy and eventually everything worked out as follows. Miss Pilsen became Nicole Haushofer.

miss_plzen_dic_05 miss_plzen_dic_11

The title of first runner-up boasts Lenka Stančeková, became the second runner-up Lucie Kalašová and also won in the category of Voice Radio Kiss Proton. Miss sympathy Pilsner diary got Aneta Barchánková. DIC valuable not only on price but also the crown that its luster brightened the whole room. The whole evening was a very relaxed mind and stand DIC was very interested. The ladies especially admired jewelry. Lords lahodil eye on investment diamond . After the official part was a rich buffet and free dance.

miss_plzen_dic_01 miss_plzen_dic_08


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