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In Austria stolen gold worth 335 000 EUR. Why thief mistake?

Of yet unidentified bank in Austria unknown thief stole a total of eight business members and 1 kilogram brick of solid gold with a total value of 335 000 EUR. First informing the server FirstClass.cz. He also pokes fun at the thief.


Server FirstClass.cz argued that trade rods together with gold bars weighing nearly nine pounds. The captured value while perhaps disappointing thief. For example, if elected diamonds , warns server FirstClass.cz , the weight treasure about čtyřitisíckrát smaller. Cut diamond of the highest quality IF the value of CZK 1,000,000 weighs half a gram, diamond worth stolen gold would fit into the palm or back pocket. Server explains how easy it would be with a diamond deal. "The diamonds are not involved in any records, they can be transported unnoticed among states, with a safety frame at the airport nerozdrnčí," writes server. He also states that Vienna has been through Interpol Police asked banking institutions in the Czech Republic on cooperation. It is reasonable suspicion that the thief tries to save the golden treasure in the vault of some bank. Too, does not have other options.

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