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Diamonds in Decin help mentally disabled people

Sunflower. Name of beautiful flowers, which in our minds evokes warm, radiant sun and tenderness. Borrowed by a non-profit organization that provides the meaning of life, help and facilities for people with intellectual disabilities.


In Decin works through boundless dedication Director Mrs. Sarka wintering Dostalova, whose job is to inter alia, the provision of funds for the running of the organization itself. This year, Mrs. Sarka met with DIC Set as conditions of a relationship bringing together her so excited that she became a partner of DIC as a partnership provide for the aforementioned sunflower, os In the case of non-profit organizations benefit from cooperation with DIC and as one of the method of fundraising that is beneficial for both the protégé and its sponsors. Among the first who understood the idea and wants to further promote is known Děčínský entrepreneur, herbalist and healer Ing. Valdemar Grešík, which in its partnership with DIC Investment and bought a beautiful diamond .

"Sunflowers helping for many years and is associated Šárkou me friendship and cooperation in many charity projects. Beru this partnership as an interesting form of assistance," confirmed Ing. Valdemar Grešík.

And how it perceives Mrs. Sarka? "Sunflowers I had actually inventing the evocation of the heat and sun, but instead of tenderness I've had to be absolutely practical perception and the richness of the fruit that gives and that after planting and maturing of new plants multiplied astronomically. Not only that, they will feed more mouths to feed, but you still have enough left over for planting new fields. I wanted to bring Sunflower wealth not only at the level of mental and caring, but also the financial level, that everything is loaded into it, many times returning: embedded human labor and energy, love and workers in gratitude and joy client embedded resources State (from our taxes) and cash sponsors better and richer society (raising the moral level, ensuring people are capable of work, integration of disabled people into work, etc.). More and more I realize how much is related to our diamond project. In mutual usefulness. "


In everyone's life appear when you need the help of others. Let us be the beauty, lasting value and eternity diamond themselves strong enough to be able to help where it is needed most. The figure is seen double joy Ing. Valdemar Gresik, owner of Valdemar Grešík - Natura Ltd., which gets its grit from happy Mrs. Sarka wintering Dostalova, director of Sunflower, os This pair adds manager of Nadezhda Dvorakova, which helps with joy this and other stores where there is a nice connection with useful. You will understand .. :-)

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