Mục chínhTin tứcDiamond WorldDiamant attracts athletes. Why is that?

Diamond is an attractive investment opportunities for everyone. The average income in 2011 was by classes from 6.5 to 18.5 percent.

However, he was especially appreciated by professional athletes, who has been involved in other demanding activity than investment. For them, the diamond tool comfortable save (or postponement) of free money for later. At the time of his retirement may already have some interesting "save up".

More and more athletes are turning to investment advisers with recipes guaranteed to evaluate their money. Athletes in the past themselves know how they pay various savings, insurance, stocks, funds and other financial products. With the impending collapse of the Eurozone, however, comes to the fore investment diamond . The tool proven over time (after all, the last hundred years almost did not fall in value, while constantly growing), which is no piece of paper but a real natural commodity, through which you can safely protect money. Due to the appreciation in the long term, the investment diamond just ideal for athletes who do it regularly deposited funds during a career assessment and be interesting, especially after the end of the runway.


Therefore, DIC partners are increasingly registered among its satisfied clients from the ranks of top athletes Olympic and world champions. The satisfied customers are also tennis player Radek Stepanek, this year's winner of the Australian Open in doubles. More about because of the combination of athletes and diamonds speaks DIC DIC China TV executive and director Miloslav Black Business Network DIC Miroslav Zadák.

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