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Diamond versus stocks. The slump Facebook suggested what can be trusted.

It's been 15 weeks since with great pomp went public with the world's largest social network Facebook.

During that time already managed to fall in value by more than half. Shareholders who have invested big money in the early days, crying. Is it worth today invest in shares in what is actually a certainty?

"Yes, we recommend clients to invest in stocks., But not at this time," says behalf of all partners DIC Martin Kilian, who watched in astonishment as the wrong time Facebook announced IPO. Facebook can thus significantly harmed. In the eyes of the public has a sticker company that overstated and even prepare their fans for money. Martin Kilian in DIC TV compares shares and diamonds . "I have a lot of clients who are involved in the action, but I do not recall even one, who would be the last time the shares sharply earned. Contrast, I know many investors who stuck up their nose at the diamond and its slow growth, and today you can hear and buy in bulk diamonds . "

Investment diamonds in 2011 evaluated in diameter by classes from 6.5 to 18.5%, of course, the stones could enhance much more depending on their uniqueness and parameters specified in the certificate of an independent gemological laboratory. Compare this number with the result of Facebook, whose growth was considered a certainty ...



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