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Lord Rothschild bet on the fall of the euro does not scare owners diamond

Speculative step of Lord Jacob Rothschild, who bet the equivalent of almost 4 billion CZK de facto the fall of the euro, scared many investors who have invested in commodities dependent on the euro.

However, says manager Diamonds International Corporation Jozef Chabreček, the owner of the diamond investment can be completely calm.

The value of a diamond is quoted in the world's currency, the U.S. dollar. "The U.S. dollar is the world currency for at least fifty years," says Jozef Chabreček, which certainly does not underestimate the achievement of Lord Rothschild. "It comes from an influential banking family who always pulled the strings of the global economic system and definitely knows something we do not." Jozef Chabreček warns that the collapse of the euro could lead to monetary reform, which is already the Slovak occurred. "It was after the breakup of Czechoslovakia. Then day-to-day Slovak koruna has lost in value by 30 percent. Slovaks came so realistically about 30 percent of its assets. Now I estimated a similar scenario, a devaluation of property Slovak citizens by 30 percent. Would recommend to everyone especially now that the thought of your money. " Jozef Chabreček explains the benefits of an investment diamond as one of the few commodities that the fall of the euro need not ever touch, while its extras can significantly strengthened. The full interview can be found in DIC TV on the main page of the site



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