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Property ceased to be sure, investors are moving to diamond

Flats in the Czech Republic is still cheaper. Good news for those who buy bad for those who own apartments and do not want them to be in the red.

It is not surprising that investors are in a crisis increasingly turning to diamond certainty in uncertain times.

Buy land, apartments, houses, this is the eternal value. That's what we were taught by our ancestors. Unfortunately it anymore. Prices of three-and čtyřpokojvých flats are falling fast. With them fall and mortgage rates, the fall is the bank again lowered. The demand for large apartments are so small that they can not stop the decline in prices. But it cheaper and smaller apartments. Who is bought with a view to getting rich is a large uncertainty. "The first investors four years ago came with it, that you test the diamond . purchased it in small amounts. now returning and I buy a lot, verified that, unlike almost all other commodities and investment opportunities in the diamond certainty, "says Miroslav Zadák, investment specialist DIC. "Diamant endured all the wars and crises with continuous growth," adds another investment specialists DIC Martin Kilian. Specialist DIC for Slovakia Jozef Chabreček explains why diamond investor need not worry that the value of the diamond at any time decreased. Look at DIC TV, you will learn interesting information.

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