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DIC has become a promotional partner tennis player Radek Stepanek

The company Diamonds International Corporation (DIC) has decided to support the Davis Cup finalist fresh, Czech tennis player Radek Stepanek, in his successful career.


The largest diamond company in the region, which is a member and shareholder of the oldest diamond exchange in Antwerp, Belgium, Beurs voor Diamanthandel, appreciates Mr. Radek Stepanek not only an outstanding tennis player but also as a person. "We are convinced that such a pure product, such as a diamond , a large human and gaming heart of Mr. Stepanek, belong together. It is a unique product especially for athletes who from his childhood devote time consuming training and career, and not to the extent necessary to address investment opportunities. Diamant for them from this point of view the ideal tool because it evaluates effortlessly and reliably in the long term, "said company president Diamonds International Corporation MD. Lubos Riha.

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Diamonds International Corporation appreciated sporting achievements Radek Stepanek at the beginning of the year, when after his victory in the doubles at the Australian Open Grand Slam tournament in Melbourne donated diamond watches combined osmnáctikarátovým gold. Logo DIC will be in the next three years, a tennis dress clothing Radek Stepanek at sporting events and our company is confident that this cooperation will bring both sides many a "diamond fruit".

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Investment diamond is one of the most reliable commodity in today's uncertain times. In 2011 recorded a diamond evaluation according to classes on average from 6.5 to 18.5 percent. Accurate evaluation of the above course, depends on the specific parameters of the individual stone, can therefore be even higher. The average value of investment diamonds has been growing for a hundred years.


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