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DIC as a guest of the Presidium of the oil-gas installation club in Moscow

On the occasion of the Moscow conference on the current and future situation in Private Banking and Investment Management, which took place on 18 and 19 October at the Marriott Aurora Dicas representatives attended a number of workshops with representatives of both participating bank or with the local personalities who can DIC open a way to the richest Russian clientele, as well as for establishing partner relations.


The most interesting and extraordinary was the meeting with the president and vice-president of the International Oil-owned gas club right in their headquarters. Club president Mrs. Nelli Merkulova us very warmly accepted in the rules of the club lounge and have to say that sitting on chairs, on which sat a week ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Both politicians are in fact members of the club and not the exception, by attending club events. Club members are, of course, owners of oil and gas companies, a real oligarchs and personalities associated with these commodities. During the meeting we presented DIC and we are very pleased that our lady president offered the opportunity to make a presentation diamonds and jewelry at the next appropriate club meeting with these people and also the performance of DIC in the club magazine. In return, we lead the elite club gave an invitation to the Prague exhibition Diamond and invitations for club members who are staying in Prague. This meeting was the company's entry into the Russian market DIC undoubtedly crucial, because such an invitation, opening access to the richest Russian clientele receives each company. The meeting was held contacts with Russia managing director of DIC Mrs. Zoje Pavonové and it is expected that we will not stop at these contacts.

In Moscow, the company Diamonds International Corporation - DIC as open to one month and Diamond Showroom his club at a prestigious address (Čistoprudnij boulevard, house 5/10), into a full expansion in this area with huge potential investment clientele.

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