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Diamond exhibition in Prague starts Manuel Rappaport, a world-renowned expert on diamonds

Diamond exhibition organized by DIC and periodically third year, and twice a year. The main objective of the exhibition is to present a diamond as an investment tool, give the public the opportunity to get acquainted with the beauty of these natural gems and also identify their investment potential.


Visitors will see mostly diamonds borrowed and delivered from the diamond exchange in Antwerp, whose company is a member of the DIC and diamonds that have DIC own. Membership DIC at Antwerp Stock Exchange also allow a completely unique event, namely the presence of significant personal representative in the field of diamonds Mr Manuel Rappaport at the opening of the exhibition.

Manuel Rappaport was born in Belgium, where he lives mostly is a member of the Diamond Exchange diamond industry and is dedicated more than 25 years, his superior knowledge over the years used by numerous companies, he worked with celebrities and influential diamond trade. It is the world's most respected authority and expert on pricing and financial advice on diamonds, works as a consultant with offices in Brussels. It is also a director and member of the Board of Directors of Shear Diamonds, a Canadian company focused on the extraction and processing of diamonds in our own mines in northern Canada, Shear Diamonds is the owner of the Jericho Diamond Mine Diamond in the Kitikmeot region of Nunavut. Name Rapaport is a symbol of a customary term for valuing diamonds in the world, because, according to the Rapaport Report, which regularly publishes exchange is governed diamond prices worldwide.

The exhibition will also feature colored diamonds , variations of shapes and sizes and are also showcased exclusive jewelry made by Czech jewelers working for the company DIC own designs as well as designs by leading designers including such luminaries as Blanka Matragi that DIC designed specifically for the unique diamond collection. The exhibition also added a new line of luxury watches, also fitted with diamonds .

Quite an extraordinary event in the Diamond exhibition will present original paintings - Andy Warhol serigraphs, which thanks to the cooperation DIC and US-Slovak Saga Gallery, a member of Andy Warhol Society and trader popartovým contemporary art for the first time in Prague offers visitors the chance to see these originals. There will be a total of 14 of these rare and highly valued in the world of works by Andy Warhol, only some of them will also be possible to buy it because of the great interest in Bratislava exhibition, which precedes the exhibition in Prague, some images have been reserved and sold. For example, the portrait prima ballerina Karen Kain is already sold on the first day of the exhibition for the amount of 29 thousand. Eur.

Karen_Kain Kennedy_1

The combination of diamonds and original paintings by Andy Warhol, in addition to investment values have one common feature, namely that some images of Andy Warhol right sprinkled with diamond dust. Four of his portraits of Queen Elizabeth II. thus sprinkled with diamond dust by a British royal family.

Mr. Boris Kršňák representing Saga Gallery artist likens this valuable diamonds to the world of art and adds that his work as well as diamonds bring joy to their owners and are also substantially rewarding investment.

A unique exhibition combining diamonds and works of the legendary artist Andy Warhol utilizing diamond dust in Prague takes place for the first time thanks to DIC as a Saga Gallery.


The exhibition will be held from 6 to 20 November 2012, open to the public from 10th November, daily 10:30 to 7:00 p.m. pm, Show room of Diamonds International Corporation - DIC as, Broad 15, Prague 1 - Josefov.


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