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Investment loop adorned with diamonds from DIC

Investing in diamonds may not be associated only with the stones themselves or their ornate jewelry. On the contrary.

Increasingly, it is possible to come across products that normally do not have the hardest mineral planet virtually nothing in common. One last example is a family firm Atelier Saldo.

In addition to the standard output, which includes all types of strings, began to produce an exclusive set of decorated žabce - in the grip of the tool - Petition diamonds with a total weight of 0.5 carats.

Supplier stones became the Diamonds International Corporation, for which the opportunity to participate in the production of investment bows attractive marketing opportunities. After all sets are offered not only in Western European markets, but also in Russia, Japan and the countries of the Arabian Peninsula.

The possibility of cooperation evaluates president DIC MD. Lubos Riha very positive, adding: "I consider it a priority that all the products we offer, bore the stamp of originality and uniqueness. According to the same principles, and then choose partners for cooperation. And because Atelier Saldo it fits completely over the option to add diamonds for making investment bows we did not have any hesitate. "

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