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The finalists of Miss Aerobics is presented in showroom DIC

The company Diamonds International Corporation, as one of the partners of choice Miss Aerobics, held on the 23rd January premises of his showroom press conference finals.


miss_aerobic_dic_02 miss_aerobic_dic_03

miss_aerobic_dic_05 miss_aerobic_dic_06

Present media representatives from the organizing agency Esprit Team learned not only detailed information on the final evening, but mostly they presented themselves finalists. The natural beauty of all candidates for the title of 2012 Miss Aerobics course punctuated jewelry workshops DIC A present although not complete eleven contestants girls, the value presented jewelery EUR 7,5 million.   

"Miss Aerobics is undoubtedly a prestigious event. The beauty and elegance that symbolizes the choice is also characteristic for the world of diamonds. Support for the event because we consider quite logical part of our activities, "explained the reasons for partnerships MD. Lubos Riha, president of DIC   

The gala evening, which will accompany popular sports presenters Peter and Barbara Vichnar Černošková, will be held on the 26th January 2013 Parkhotel in Pilsen. Czech television broadcast the hour record fifth option February 2013 from 20 hours in CT 4 Sport.

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