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Near the border with Congo, on Lake Kivu, in the hills is a children's home Kigarama (in Kinyarwanda language it means HOPE), which is one of the seven orphanages managed by the German NGO L'Esperance Children's Aid International established 1983. In Rwanda, the non-profit organization operating since 1995, when due to the genocide (in 1994) left many homeless orphans.

Now the home is 120 children, who are divided into so-called families. Each family consists of a maximum of 15 children, both boys and girls of different ages 3 to 21 years. They are assigned a "mother", governess, who care for them. Every family living in one house, on which are designed to take care of. Families also help with the running of the facility, such as helping in the kitchen, with washing clothes, taking care of smaller sibling, etc. Children are encouraged to be prepared for life outside the home. At home there is a kindergarten, school and tailor's workshop, where interested members of the older children learn tailoring trade., in the home are taught in English and French.

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Keeping home trying not to be passive. The plot is a pineapple plantation, on which care home staff and whose income goes to the home budget, then try making their own homemade cheese, which is very scarce in Rwanda desired food.

In autumn 2010 he was brought into the home at private expense gift in the form of pens, notebooks and toys-all of which are in short supply in Africa. Because of the direct contact was impossible to know what most kids need a sad surprise was that it is for us ordinary shoes. Unfortunately, buy quality shoes in Africa is almost impossible.

ČAFH that idea with shoes for African children are very interested, decided to sponsor a child lock. Thanks to their capabilities and contacts managed to get a sponsor - PUMA company, from which each child will receive one pair of athletic shoes.

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DIC entered into the project as the sole sponsor funding the full cost of transportation bot from the Czech Republic to Rwanda, as well as a sponsor who pays all costs associated with the preparation and production of the document, which rotates in a children's home, including personal expenses film crew. The document will be on the lives of children in Africa in an orphanage and also as diamonds and sport - particularly football, help. In the document, decided to contribute ČAFH rotating messages by Karel Poborsky and Horst Siegl. Join us and you, partners DIC, you along with top football players to be involved in this unique document and send the message to children, or contribute any amount of money. All those who in any way help this unique event will be invited to the premiere of a document and a festive evening after returning from a charity mission. Benefit event will bring together all the important functionaries, football and hockey, which defends the interests ČAFH. Transmission sponsorship donation-sports shoes and document creation will take place in April and the results will be published in shooting all types of educational resources in the Czech Republic from the public after private entities.

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The ninth edition of the prestigious gala event equestrian sport horses on Žofíně 2012 was held March 10, 2012 in representative areas Žofín Palace in Prague Slavic Island under the auspices of the Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Petr Bendl.

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Luncheon to celebrate the beautiful 75th Birthday Actor - Mr. John Přeučil - took place on 03.04 2012 French Art Nouveau restaurant in Prague.

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Opening Ceremony ball was at 19.00 in the beautifully decorated Hall Golf Resort Celadnà.

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On 24 February 2012 was organized a charity event, called Nghia Tinh Truong Son (name of charity) and, together with the Communist Party and the state received funding to help families and victims of war.

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